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Varangian 2 - King of the Norse

Varangian 3: Origins


The Sandman Cometh

Splintered Ice

Tears in the Fabric of Time

Tide of Terror

The Pawnbroker


In the Blood

To Die in Glory

A Reckoning

Blood Rise

Lament for Darley Dene

Sallowed Blood

Ogre's Lament

Minus Life

Bloody Reasons (To Kill A Man Trilogy 1)

The Accursed Moor

Thank you for visiting my web site. It's great to contact old and new readers alike!

My first published works were mainly horror, written for Young Adults. I published them under my then pen-name, Glenn Stuart. These have now all passed into the annals of history. HOWEVER, my great 'new' publisher CREATIVIA are re-publishing some of my titles, as well as a lot of new novels, and these are slowly becoming available. Titles such as 'Lament for Darley Dene',  a trilogy of shorter stories set on Alderney called 'Tide of Terror', the thriller 'Splintered Ice' and the horror story 'The Pawnbroker' , all of which have been revised, edited and improved. 


My first ever Western 'UNFLINCHING' was published by Creativia a couple of years ago now. A BEST-SELLER in Canada, there are now five in this series. 

Another  three-book series of Westerns 'To Kill A Man' traces a bounty hunter's search for John Wesley Hardin. These Westerns are proving very popular, especially in the UK, which is great. I am working on more so keep checking Amazon for updates.


(Pure 'adult' reading? Visit my friend's website HERE

She has written a good, but spicy book called "Deep In The Fog" so if you like your stories a little raunchy, then she's the one for you!)

Last updated: July 2019


 I am eternally honoured to have received the 2013 Just Reviews award as the ‘ outstanding Science Fiction/Horror Novelist for : Road Kill and Interloper’s From Hell! Here’s what Fran Lewis from ‘Just Reviews’ went on to say: ‘Stuart’s work is original, the characters are quite unique and the story line keeps you spellbound. Just reviews and Fran Lewis Presents this award to Stuart Yates on : November 20, 2013.’ So, people, why not pop along to Amazon UK, or Amazon US and pick up your own copies of these two well received novels... as well as all the others of course! 

(*ROADKILL is no longer available but has been REPUBLISHED as The Accursed Moor, which is hugely improved and even more thrilling than before! 'Interlopers from Hell' will appear on the 25th November, 2019 so keep checking Amazon. The cover is already revealed and looks wonderful.

For those who enjoyed UNFLINCHING, I am writing Westerns with Outlaws Publishing as JOHN STUART COOPER.

These novels tell the story of Reuben Cole, an army scout, who rides across the unchartered Territories of the Wild West, bringing fugitives and renegades to justice. An ongoing series, you can find these stories (all permanently priced at 99p) on all Amazon sites. Search and enjoy on your Kindle now HERE.