Stuart G Yates

  Fiction writer...

 Prepare to be thrilled by stories that shock, grip, and keep you turning the pages..


Born and raised on Merseyside, I’ve sought out various adventures in life, seen places, met people, done things, all of which have led me to who I am now – author.
I work as a teacher, and the children I have known have taught me so much,, but my first love is writing –  fulfilling my dreams, creating worlds, and entertaining those who read my words.
Those words have always been my friend. Back in 1979 I submitted my first book. Thirty years later I was finally published. In between, I never gave up believing.
Most days I write. Inspiration comes from anywhere, at any time. A memory, an event, a half-listened-to conversation, or any combination of these and a thousand other things. Stories stack up in my mind, a traffic-jam of imagination. My dream now is to write that best-seller, to break through, to become a full-time writer. Perhaps if you like what you see in here, and read some of my books, you can join me on the journey. I hope you do.