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Splintered Ice

They'd found her. "She's in a caravan, Mr Meres." "A caravan? Where?" "I can't really tell you that, sir. Sorry." "What the hell do you mean you can't tell me? She's my wife, for God?s sake!" "I know that, sir. I spoke to her, asked her if she was coming home." "And?" The policeman looked from Dad to Jed and back again. "Sorry, sir. She said 'no'." A couple of schoolkids winding each other up; a wife and mother running off with another man; an accident in a river causing the overnight transformation of poor beleaguered Jed into a temporary hero; then the welcome turning up of a long-lost brother.... A nice enough variety of incidents contained in what would appear to be a relatively innocuous start to a light easy read one might think, BUT NO, for this is not the work of any middle-of-the road writer and is no light, entertaining read to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. 'Splintered Ice' is a highly intriguing offering of suspense, mystery and horror where the unexpected abounds in a twisted series of related incidents guaranteed to keep the pages turning long into the night.
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