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The Sandman Cometh

"You are expected." His voice mechanical, without emotion... There was no need for explanations. He already knew. He turned and motioned me to follow. As I fell in behind him, moving along the intensely white path that cut through the verdant plastic grass on either side, he suddenly stopped, his head moving around. I could sense him changing, becoming more alert... I was a little wary now and nothing could shake the feeling that I was entering into a situation that I had little control over, with no choice but to do what was demanded of me? Whatever that turned out to be...' In a cold, bleak, insensitive future world, Simeon Allis lives out his controlled life, alone. There is no need for families in his world; everything is provided for by the State. And the Sandmen ensure conformity. The Sandmen are hideous inventions, created to ensure conformity from the citizens of this new, clinical world. Monstrous killing machines in humanoid form, they enact terrible punishments upon anyone found wandering outside of their homes after curfew. Nightmare visions that haunt the waking and sleeping hours of Simeon's, and everyone else's, life. Written as a cross-over book, appealing to older teenagers and adults alike, this is a story full of mystery and suspense, with plenty of thrills along the way. It is a terrifying vision of a world in which individuality and choice are things of the past.
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