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Unflinching is my first Western. It is now part of a five book series.

People have received this book extremely well and it is incredible exciting to begin to believe that I might be on the verge of something akin to success.

Often writing is a lonely business, and an extremely frustrating one, especially nowadays with so many books appearing every day. Rising above the rest is so difficult. But perhaps, just perhaps, this new series of Westerns will help me do that. Who knows.

Check it out on Amazon  HERE 

VARANGIAN, republished by CREATIVIA/ NEXT CHAPTER and looking brilliant!

This three book (so far) series traces the remarkable life of the great, and last Viking Harald Sigurdsson, known to the world as Hardrada ( or Hard Ruler).

An adventurer and warrior, Hardrada fought in his first battle at 15 and very nearly lost his life. His brother, the king, actually did, and Harald was forced to flee. He ended up in Constantinople, joining the famed Varangian Guard. He soon came under the scrutiny of the Empress and they became lovers. But then, as is often the case, their love faded and she vented her jealous rage by throwing him in jail. After he managed to escape, it was then a case of trying to stop himself from being killed by the many enemies he'd made. Being mindful of his links to the Norwegian throne, he had secreted away a large amount of treasure, which he now used to ease his journey north. From there his famous 'hard' rule began, but  his ambitions were not yet ended. Convinced by the King of England's brother that the people wanted a Viking  ruler, he invaded. 1066 was the year it all happened and his fate sealed. 

The fourth in the series WILL appear, just as soon as I finish a host of other projects.

                                                  You can buy all three in the series by visiting Amazon. 

THE ACCURSED MOOR is the substantially reworked and republished novel originally entitled ROADKILL.

It is shown here together with some other thrillers of mine from the Creativia stable (Splintered Ice and Minus Life) all of which will keep you guessing until the very end!

THE ACCURSED MOOR is a horror story, but not one in the classic sense. It is meant to terrify as well as question your preconceptions . Based on actual events, it tells of the Beast of Bodmin, an enduring legend from Cornwall. It is when this hellish thing turns to hunting down human prey that it becomes truly horrifying. 

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You can find all of my books on Amazon. I think you will find something you like, from thrillers to horror, from Westerns to Historical Fiction. Please keep coming back as I add news and details of further titles.