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Whipped Up,
a Paul Chaise adventure


Paul Chaise, who we first met in BURNT OFFERINGS, is back in an even deadlier plight than the last!

Whipped Up sees Chaise back in the UK, looking for girlfriend Linny. His search takes him from the back streets of Merseyside to the quiet market-town of Beccles, in Suffolk. Along the way, he is shadowed by not one, but two assassins.

But that's not all.

He soon crosses swords with some despicable characters whose main form of income is through human trafficking. When a friend of his is murdered, it becomes personal and Chaise takes things into his own hands.

This, naturally, draws the attention of his superiors who would have preferred him to simply disappear. Now Chaise must contend with not only violent thugs, but Her Majesty's intelligence services too.

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